How to Get a Job in Investment BankingeBook

How to Get a Job in Investment Banking

Industry Overview


Industry Overview - Chapter Introduction

  • This section provides an overview of the investment banking industry where despite the crisis a professional can find a job relying upon the information provided by the job search web sites.
  • It introduces the reader to the most relevant product and industry groups commonly found in investment banking, describes the characteristics of the major players as well as the difference of working for a bulge-bracket firm in comparison to working for an investment banking boutique
  • We believe that this information is necessary for each and every applicant for several reasons
  • - For the application and interview process it is crucial to have an understanding of the industry you want to work in - there are few more embarrassing things than having to admit that you don't have a clue what your interviewer is talking about
    - If applying to a certain group or if asked which group you are interested in, you should know what kind of groups usually exist, what they generally do, what kinds of mandates they have and most importantly have an understanding what work analysts are usually involved in
    - There are tremendous differences when it comes to working for a small boutique vs. working for a bulge bracket investment bank (e.g. working hours) and we want you to make an educated decision when choosing your future employer
  • It is necessary to point out that each bank is organized differently and as such the descriptions, names and the break down of functions will slightly differ from firm to firm. While some banks might use different names, others might have a deviating structure. However, all investment banks will usually cover the products and functions displayed in this section or a fraction thereof
  • Last but not least, it is necessary to point out that this section has intentionally been prepared in a very condensed format and we strongly encourage you to research each company you are applying for separately to find out more about the organizational structure and the products and industries it covers

  • Day-to-Day Business - Chapter Introduction

  • This section informs the reader about some general things we consider to be important to know for anyone intending to work in investment banking
  • It provides an overview of the typical tasks an analyst will be carrying out on a daily basis, the work load he has to expect, recently paid salaries as well as the relevance of networking with colleagues and superiors
  • We have integrated this section into the guide since we believe that anyone considering to work as an investment banking analyst should know
  • - What exactly he will be doing most of the time
    - That investment banking is not just any kind of job but one that requires very hard work, long hours, weekends and as such, commitment
    - That most likely no other graduate position out there will pay such exceptionally high salaries
    - That the salaries are highly volatile and might be significantly lower when the industry turns
    - That networking within the bank is essential if you want to have more fun at work, work on more interesting topics and receive a higher bonus

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